Anuga Executive Summit

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Topic 2019

Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow. Innovations in the food industry — 100 years of Anuga

Many of the food trends of the 21st century would be unthinkable without digital innovations. Smart farming promises to boost yields and make cultivation more sustainable. Blockchain makes supply chains more transparent, and the potential of dynamic pricing can only be fully exploited with the help of AI algorithms. However, innovations are more than just bits and bytes, zeros and ones. Over the past 100 years, many bright thinkers have developed ideas that have made the food industry what it is today: high-powered, innovative and progressive. But what has to be done to make sure it stays that way? How is the food industry positioned today, what do people expect of it, what challenges must be overcome, and what lessons can we learn from the past?

Programme 2019

Theater am Tanzbrunnen
Admission: 6.00 p.m.
(Start: 6.30 p.m.)

Word of welcome

Gerald Böse
President and Chief Executive Officer of Koelnmesse GmbH

Welcoming remarks

Friedhelm Dornseifer
BVLH President and Acting Partner of Dornseifer Group

Dr. Wolfgang Ingold
BVE Chairman


Friedhelm Dornseifer
BVLH President and Acting Partner of Dornseifer Group

Dr. Wolfgang Ingold
BVE Chairman

Sebastian Cramer
Acting Partner of EDEKA Wilhelm Cramer GmbH

Hans-Günter Trockels
Chief Executive Officer of Kuchenmeister GmbH

Host: Susan Link (TV-Host)


Jens Dannenfeld – Dannenfeld Cuisinier (Uelzen)

Jens Dannenfeld regards himself as an ambassador of the unique taste of specific ingredients and their respective terroirs. This top chef focuses on using the very best regional and seasonal ingredients and combining them aromatically into ever new compositions. He has already been honoured twice with a Michelin star for his creative cuisine. The one-time chef de cuisine at L’escalier in Cologne returned to his home town of Uelzen in 2017. There he has set up his own cooking school and event location. He supports KölnKongress Gastronomie with advice and practical assistance in the design and implementation of culinary concepts. Dannenfeld Cuisinier is synonymous with fine dining, exquisite catering and maximum enjoyment. Jens Dannenfeld is a Membre d’Honneur of Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe (JRE), a European organization for first-class gourmet chefs, and he also passes on his knowledge to up-and-coming young chefs. The ingredients of his adventurous menus come from various sources, including the JRE-Genussnetz, an association of top-class food producers and manufacturers in Germany.