Anuga Executive Summit

Druckversion der Seite: Retrospect

Topic of the evening: Is sustainable food the wave of the future or just an illusion?

At Anuga Executive Summit 2015 the guests received inspiration from Professor Manfred Güllner, the founder of the Forsa Institute and one of the leading opinion pollsters in Germany. In his presentation about the development of sustainable food consumption, Professor Güllner examined why there is still a gap between customers’ attitudes and their buying behaviour and what industrial companies and the trade can do in order to turn a consumer trend into a market trend.

The term “sustainability” is now almost being excessively used by politicians, the media and many companies. What’s more, they are using it in a wide variety of contexts and to characterize many different circumstances and projects. As a result, consumers find it increasingly hard to associate the term “sustainability” with clear and precise ideas. What do Germans mean today when they talk about the consumption of sustainably produced food? What are they willing to pay for such products, and to what extent are they willing to change their purchasing habits? What can industrial companies and the trade do to promote the consumption of sustainable products? Will the entire society consume sustainable food in the future or will it remain an illusion? In my speech, I would like to address all of these issues and talk about how German consumers really behave..

Professor Manfred Güllner

Professor Güllner at the Anuga Executive Summit 2015